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Sustainable Agriculture is the sole provider of human food. Most farm machines driven by fossil fuels. Which contribute to greenhouse gases, emissions and, in turn, accelerate climate change. Such environmental damage can mitigate by the promotion of renewable resources. Such as solar, wind, biomass, tidal, geo-thermal, small-scale hydro, biofuels and wave-generated power. These renewable resources have a huge potential for the agriculture industry. The farmers should encourage by subsidies to use renewable energy technology. The concept of sustainable agriculture. Lies on a delicate balance of maximizing crop productivity and maintaining economic stability. While minimizing the utilization of finite natural resources and detrimental environmental impacts. Sustainable agriculture also depends on replenishing the soil. While minimizing the use of non-renewable resources, such as natural gas. Which use in converting atmospheric nitrogen into synthetic fertilizer, and mineral ores. e.g. phosphate or fossil fuel used in diesel generators for water pumping for irrigation. Hence, there is a need for promoting use of renewable energy systems. For sustainable agriculture, e.g. solar photovoltaic water pumps and electricity. Greenhouse technologies, solar dryers for post-harvest processing, and solar hot water heaters.

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Sustainable Farming With Renewable Energy Sources

Zeptogreens is a Hyderabad based company that enables the use of sustainable agriculture methods, lean processes, and advanced technologies to help farmers manage their entire farm processes end-to-end.

The company offers full-stack technology enabled agri products and services to help growers automate the crop cycles, continuously maintain optimal conditions and improve farm incomes. The company has offerings in three broad areas:


Various technologies like IoT, Edge, Cloud, AI and Geospatial technologies are required for a 360 degree understanding of farm irrigation, crop selection and crop health management. If there are adverse climatic conditions for the growth of particular plants in cold climatic zones then there is need for renewable energy technology.
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Innovations like geospatial technologies and variable rate technologies are expected to contribute to the growth of the precision agriculture market. In remote agricultural lands, the underground submersible solar photovoltaic water pump is economically viable and also an environmentally-friendly option as compared with a diesel generator set.


IoT sensors provide real-time data related to weather and soil, helping farmers make better decisions about harvesting times, crop selection, and soil management. A sensor is a device that can sense the measured information and transform it into an electrical signal or other required forms of information.