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Sustainable Farming With Renewable Energy Sources

Depletion of natural resources and growing environmental concerns are encouraging farmers to shift their focus toward sustainable agriculture practices, to leverage available natural resources like sunlight, water and wind.

Precision farming is gaining tremendous popularity among farmers due to the increasing need for optimum crop production with limited available resources.

Further, the changing weather patterns due to increasing global warming have impelled the adoption of advanced farming technologies to enhance farm productivity and crop yield.

The precision farming has the potential to transform the agricultural sector, making the traditional farming activity more efficient and predictable.

Increasing global food demand, extended profitability and crop yield, and crop health monitoring for higher yield production are the major factors fueling the growth of the precision farming market.

Also, government initiatives in many country are helping farmers to use optimized agricultural and technological tools to improve their production levels

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Various technologies like IoT, Edge, Cloud, AI and Geospatial technologies are required for a 360 degree understanding of farm irrigation, crop selection and crop health management.
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Innovations like geospatial technologies and variable rate technologies are expected to contribute to the growth of the precision agriculture market.


IoT sensors provide real-time data related to weather and soil, helping farmers make better decisions about harvesting times, crop selection, and soil management.