Precision Farm-In-A-Box

The Precision Farm-In-A-Box is a fully self-contained weather-sealed containerized environment that monitors weather conditions, soil conditions, foliage growth, and controls the fertigation cycles. This helps with the maximum possible yield of marketable production from the given quantity of Inputs.

The Precision Farm-In-A-Box is powered by renewable energy sources and controlled by the IoT. It monitors the weather, soil, and foliage parameters for real-time hyperlocal farm data. also controls irrigation and fertigation for a fully automated precision farm setup.

IoT based sensor nodes collect data about solar radiation, temperature, soil condition, humidity, CO2 and pest infections. This data is used to estimate the optimal amounts of water, fertilizers, and pesticides the crop needs, reduce expenses, and raise better and healthier crops. The Renewable Energy based precision Farm-In-A-Box has the following sub modules: