Precision Irrigation Controller

Precision Irrigation Controller: Automated Irrigation Controllers for precise control over the timing and duration of the watering cycles. Reduce soil fertility variations by leveraging precision irrigation controllers. These controllers help improve crop yield, reduce crop diseases, conserve water while saving power. Set up watering schedules including frequency and duration according to the desired soil moisture for the given zone.


Drip Irrigation

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Soil Moisture Sensor

Moisture Measurement Range : 0-100%
Moisture Accuracy : ±3% within the range of 0-53%; ±5% within the range of 53-100%
Moisture Resolution : 0.10%

Waterflow Sensor

Working Voltage Range : DC 5-18 V
Waterproof, Heat resistance, pressure resistance, cold resistance, Easy to install
Flow Range : 10-200 Liter per min
Sensor : Hall effect
Maximum current : 15 mA (5 volt DC)

Watering Schedules with frequency and duration

Automatic and Schedule

Weather Information

Air Temperature Sensor
Relative Humidity Sensor
Solar Radiation Sensor
Precipitation Sensor
Wind Speed Sensor
Wind Direction Sensor
Cumulative Rainfall Reading
Rain Counter Sensor

Solar Powered

Solar panel input voltage (SOLAR IN) : 6V~24V
Charging Cutoff Voltage : 4.2V±1%
Over Discharging protection Voltage : 2.9V±1%
Solar Panel Charge Efficiency : ~78%
7V Battery Boost Output Efficiency : ~86%
Max Quiescent Current : <2mA
Operating Temperature : -40℃~85℃

LoRa Communications

Protocol : 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Range : 2.4GHz~2.5GHz(2400M~2483.5M)
Transmit Power : 22dBm
Communication Distance : 300m


Irrigation water PH should be from 5.5-7.0