Climate Controller

The Climate Controller provides a stress-free cultivation environment for crops by preventing a sudden change in climate conditions.



The Climate Controller provides a stress-free cultivation environment for crops by preventing sudden changes in climate conditions. By forecasting the possible changes inside the greenhouse from outdoor climate, it can control CO2 generators, heat pumps, circulation fans, fogging systems, and heating units. The temperature and humidity sensors located inside the greenhouse monitor and adjust for irregular temperature changes, avoiding wide fluctuations in climatic conditions and eliminating the possibility of crop shock within the greenhouse. The controllers can automatically select a dehumidification mode, based on differences in humidity inside and outside of the greenhouse. This maintains a humidity level best for the growth and development of the plants, preventing the occurrence of fruit cracking or disease and contributing to better plant quality. Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) measures transpiration with the greenhouse microclimate. With VPD measures, the growers can easily prevent crop diseases, adjust watering or irrigation schedules and adjust dosing concentration at all stages of crop growth. VPD combines temperature, humidity & leaf temperature into one reading. The rate of transpiration directly impacts nutrient absorption, translocation & growth. Plants absorb water (and nutrients) via roots and lose water through leaves while the nutrients within the transpiration stream get deposited where they’re needed.


Additional information

Power Source

230V AC, 5A (main unit)

Power Consumption

60 Watts

Operating Temperature Range

0°C to 55°C (32°F to 125°F)


0-50 °C ±2°C

Humidity Sensor

20-90% RH ±5%RH

Sunlight Detection Wavelength Band

390nm to 400nm

Air Pressure


Usage conditions

Avoid Direct Sunlight

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