Foliage Condition Monitor​

Leaf Condition Monitor includes the monitoring of Leaf Wetness, Air Temperature, Leaf Surface Temperature, CO2, Humidity, Wet-bulb temperature, Dew Point, Aeration, Evapotranspiration / Respiration



FOLIAGE CONDITION MONITOR:-Foliage conditioning is a Photometric  device which uses the IOT sensors for the measurement of Leaf Area Index, Water loss/Water deficit stress in plants by real time monitoring of foliar diseases, moisture level in plant leaves for efficient growth and by optimizing the canopy.


  • Leaf wetness
  • Leaf Surface Temperature
  • Air Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Aeration
  • Evapotranspiration/Respiration
  • Dew point


  • Minimize the nutrient deficiencies and justify the nutrients supplied to the plant
  • Minimize the foliar diseases
  • Imitates characteristics of a leaf
  • Doesn’t require painting/calibration of individual sensors
  • Detects trace amounts of water/Ice on the leaf surface

Additional information


4"" x 0.875"" x 0.031"" thick top sensor grid is 3"" x 0.75"".

Supply Voltage

5–15 VDC

Frequency output

50 Hz dry @ ∞ ohms 10 khz wet @ 0 ohms open drain square wave.

Voltage output

0.2 volt dry to 1+ volt wet less than 0.01% per Volt supply variation.

Supply Current

0.2 mA dry to 1+ mA wet dry current tolerance 0.19 to 0.21 mA

Operating Temperature

0°C to +70°C no meaningful signal below 0°C

connection to data logger

5 foot cable

4 wire flat telephone cable red

+ 5 to 15 volts DC black: common green: frequency output signal yellow or white: voltage output signal Please refer to wiring diagram.


Depends on deployment conditions

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