Precision Farm-In-A-Box

The Precision Farm-In-A-Box is powered by renewable energy sources and controlled by the IoT. It monitors the weather, soil, and foliage parameters for real-time hyperlocal farm data.



Usage Benefits:

Easy to deploy and autonomous
Can save time and resources
Monitor your fields 24/7
Eliminating nature pollutions with decreased chemical applications
Cost-effectiveness on reducing fertilizer amounts
Tracking of plant root growth through the soil profile
Reduce soil erosion and soil cracking
Affecting soil microbial biomass
Help to understand the relationship of soil to irrigation and water holding capacity
Optimizes water consumption & Better water conservation
Less Likely to over/Underwater crops
Preventing fertilizer leakage due to heavy rainfalls/water supply promoting rapid growth

Configurations & Parameter’s :

Crop Type
Growth Stage
Soil Type
Fertilizer Grade
Solution Concentration
Soil Moisture
Soil Temperature
Osmotic Potential
Microbial Action Air
Temperature Sensor

Soil Temperature
Soil Moisture
EC Air Temperature
Relative Humidity
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Solar Radiation





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