The Precision Fertigation Chamber monitors the fertilizer and Irrigation system by combining both the fertilizer and water in a chamber  to obtain maximum possible yield of marketable production from the given quantity of inputs.


Foliage conditioning is a Photometric  device which uses the IOT sensors for the measurement of Leaf Area Index, Water loss/Water deficit stress in plants by real time monitoring of foliar diseases, moisture level in plant leaves for efficient growth and by optimizing the canopy.

Hypogeal Soil Monitoring with IOT uses technology to empower farmers and producers to maximize yield, reduce diseases and optimize resources. These IOT Sensors can measure Soil temperature, NPK, Volumetric water content, Soil water potential and Soil Oxygen levels. Data from the IOT Sensors are then transmitted back to the cloud for analysis, Visualization and trend analysis and that resultant data can be used to optimize farming operations and make subtle adjustments to maximize crop yield and quality.

The Horizon Weather Monitor continuously assesses weather conditions like Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Precipitation, Solar Radiation, Wind speed, and wind direction, Measures cumulative rainfall, in real-time and updates to the cloud. Built to be modular and rugged, the monitor can be integrated with farm automation software, and can be accessed from mobile devices for any time anywhere access.

open farm controllers

Precision Irrigation Controller: Automated Irrigation  Controllers for precise control over the timing and duration of the watering cycles. Reduce soil fertility variations by leveraging precision irrigation controllers. These controllers help improve crop yield, reduce crop diseases, conserve water while saving power. Setup watering schedules including frequency and duration according to the desired soil moisture for the given zone.

Precision Fertigation Controllers increase soil fertility variations by leveraging precision fertigation controllers. These controllers help improve crop yield by application of  essential fertilizers through drip system, Tackle soil erosion by preventing the disease spread and promote good crop growth.

Hydroponic controllers

The dosing controller automates the dosing operations of your hydroponic farm. It can manage the pH, EC, Temperature [optional], and Dissolved Oxygen [optional] levels in the nutrient solution, according to the specified set values. The operator has to set the desired setpoints pH and EC levels required for the crop, as per best practices or recommendations of the agronomist. The controller automatically sends the measured pH, EC, and other sensor values to the cloud platform, so that the farmer can monitor the farm operations any time, anywhere using the dashboards.

The Climate Controller provides a stress-free cultivation environment for crops by preventing sudden changes in climate conditions. By forecasting the possible changes inside the greenhouse from outdoor climate, it can control CO2 generators, heat pumps, circulation fans, fogging systems, and heating units.

The Irrigation Controller manages the irrigation pumps and solenoid control valves that are part of the greenhouse nutrient system. The controller can support up to a maximum of 4 zones with each zone segregated by a solenoid valve, allowing the grower to irrigate specific sections of a greenhouse. 

These controllers monitor and provide the artificial lighting to plants for the purpose of photosynthesis and maintaining of the PAR and VPD levels for the high growth and yield patterns of plants with the IOT sensor technology.